How do we minimise them?

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If you're eager to know what does and doesn't work when it comes to lessening the negative impact of returns of your business - you need to watch this session.

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Returns - necessary evil? Or problem you can fix?

Returns are a growing problem in eCommerce. When customers send product back it creates multiple problems:

  • it costs you money
  • it makes you less sustainable
  • it lowers customer satisfaction, affecting long term sales
  • you end up with stock units you can't sell

There are LOTS of different ways to reduce the amount of returns your business has to deal with, everything from improving the customers initial buying decisions, through to streamlining the returns process itself.

And lots of lessons to learnt from the data that comes in from the returns that you can use to improve things in the future.

We'll be debating just what REALLY is going to move the needle on your returns rate in 2024.

With our eclectic group of guests there are sure to be some diverse opinions... and lots of great advice too.

Join our LIVE Q&A event where you can get your questions answered and where our expert panel will be discussing their thoughts on returns.

So if you're eager to reduce the negative impact of your product returns - you need to watch the replay of this session.

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